Coal from the Kuzbass on the low price

The coal company “Russibprom” from Russia, signs contracts on free volumes coal of next brands: DMSSh, DOMSSh, GMSSh, DGOMSSh, GSSh, GOMSSh
Is low price with delivery from 70 dollars for ton
Conditions of deliveries: DAP, FOB
Terms of payment: payment delay, payment after receiving or the letter of credit
Volumes of deliveries: from 650 000 to 2 000 000 tons per year
Fraction (мм): 0-13, 0-25, 0-50
Moisture (Ad) % 12-16
Ashes (Wrt) % 14 - 18
Output of the volatile substances (Vdaf) % 36-43
Sulfur (Std) % 0,4-0,6
The gross heating value as received (рабочее состояние) 6700-7300 ккал/кг
Lowest heat of combustion NAR net (as received) 6300-6900 ккал/кг
Lowest heat of combustion as received (рабочее состояние) 5400-6000 ккал/кг
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